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Posts published in “Issue: July 2021

The Ballot or the Bullet

THOUGHTS ON THE THEME: What does it mean, “the ballot or the bullet”? When we first thought of the theme for the July issue, we were thinking about Malcolm X’s declaration that 1964 “would be the year of the ballot or the bullet.”

Then this happened—July 2021

…attention 3 Percenters and Proud Boys.... ...a new tactic to nullify the First Amendment right... ...with friends like this... ...just stop complaining!... ...Jeff needs help with childcare!... …One dollar, one vote...

A major mural with a climate message

Six Thurston County artists with the support of Thurston Climate Action Team (TCAT) met with members of the public on June 26 to imagine and plan for a large climate justice mural to be painted in Olympia in the coming year.

Public support isn’t just for developers

Washington is known for having a strong economy; however, even before the pandemic, one in four Washingtonians struggled to make ends meet. Obscured by the one in four number is the fact that those who are Black, indigenous or people of color in Washington are sometimes two to three times as likely to live in deep poverty as those who are white.

The Grief We Hold

POETRY: Blackbirds carry tear filled carnations wrapped with green fern leaves, twisting together memories...

About the Cover—July 2021

In late May, artist Kathy Gore-Fuss brought to fruition an idea that had been building in her mind for months – an outdoor art installation addressing the physical and emotional losses of the pandemic. Gore-Fuss and other artists wrapped thousands of flowers onto the surface of a large stone sculpture…

Community Spotlight – July 2021

Master Gardener Plant Sale ♦ Wild Grief Teen Day Hike ♦ Solar panels at Farmers' Market ♦ Restoring watersheds ♦ Estuary Explorers ♦ Big Brothers/Big Sisters ♦ Abolish Nuclear Weapons ♦ Stonewall Youth 30th! ♦ Washington: Easy to vote! ♦ Glen’s Parallax Perspectives ♦ Music at West Central Park