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Works in Progress

On radicalization and grief

An aspect of becoming radicalized that I think is under attended to is the grief that, for some, comes with it. As I learned more of history, more of the theory, more of the experiences of people who have the least to gain from our system, the more I had…

Readers Alert!

WIP has received a grant designated for including book reviews in 2021. How will it work? Each month we’ll publish a list of books we’d like to see reviewed. If you’re interested in reading and writing a review of one of the books, contact us at We will buy…

A hope-filled greeting to our readers

We see that sparks of hope are igniting against this war which is the same around the world. From distant geographies we turn toward each other, toward the struggle for life, which forms a language through which we recognize one another. From all of us at School for Chiapas, we…

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