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About us

Works in Progress (WIP) is an independent grassroots-based newspaper and website based in Olympia, Washington. 

Contact WIP by emailing or by surface mail to P.O. Box 295, Olympia, WA 98507.

WIP began in 1990 as an activity of the Thurston County Rainbow Coalition.  For 33 years it has been written, produced and distributed by volunteers periodically (monthly for many years; quarterly in 2023 and now every 1.5 months).  It is given away for free, but we do welcome financial donations.

In late 2023 WIP transitioned from the volunteers who had recently been organizing and publishing it to a different combination of mostly new people with some volunteers continuing.  After a small printed issue in November 2023, it will post only online until the new group of people can raise the money and volunteer power to return to the familiar printed format in addition to online.

WIP has always been politically progressive.  A recent statement said its mission was to confront injustice and encourage a participatory democracy based on justice in the economic, political, environmental and social realms and across classes, races and genders.”  WIP excelled at printing issues that were ignored or misrepresented by corporate-owned media.

Now WIP is recruiting more volunteers with skills in investigative reporting, writing, editing, laying out our publication, distributing printed copies to many local sites, and managing the organizational and administrative infrastructure (bookkeeping, fundraising, managing our website, etc.).

Some back issues after 2012 are on WIP’s website.  All issues from 1990 through 2023 are archived at the University of Washington Library.