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About us

Works in Progress (WIP) Works in Progress (WIP) is a free regional publication created by volunteers and contributors. 

You can contact us through email at Our mailing address is Works in Progress, P.O. Box 295, Olympia, WA 98501.

WIP began as a monthly free press in 1990 as a project of the Thurston County Rainbow Coalition. WIP has continued as an independent free press since. As of January, 2024 we became exclusively a web-based publication. New content is currently published online every six weeks. We are going through a revival and identifying new funding sources that will enable us to print again! We hope to return our familiar print edition to community distribution points soon. We have many long-time subscribers and supporters who have kept us going through the years. We value you! We continue to welcome financial donations to help meet our goals. Donations can be sent by mail to the address above. An electronic donation can also be made – look for the donation button on our home page.

WIP is rooted in activist journalism. WIP has always published content mirroring the spectrum of social change work within progressive, leftist, and anarchist frameworks. As our Mission Statement states: “We encourage submission of material by those most harmed by corporate capitalism as well as exclusionary and unfair practices which seek to silence the oppressed.” (See our full Mission Statement here.)

WIP is always searching for volunteers to help put together the publication. If you haven’t seen your perspectives on critical issues covered recently, we invite you to write about them and submit them for our next issue. We always welcome new writers, as well as those who are engaged in the community and can outreach to others doing front-line activism and organizing and encourage them to submit content. (See our Submission Guidelines here.) We also welcome people on board who can help with fundraising, coordinate planning meetings, or who have some experience or interest in organizational and non-profit development. Where each of our volunteers have different experiences, as a group we are encouraging each other and learning to make decisions collectively.

WIP also needs new volunteers who are skilled and active with social media to share content with each new issue. Some back issues of WIP, from 2012 on, can be found in our website’s Archive. WIP issues from 1990-present are archived at the University of Washington Library. We’re excited to connect with volunteers who can help make digital copies of back issues needed to complete our online archive. Those back issues offer a recorded history of radical grassroots organizing and activism in Olympia, and beyond, which have the potential to inspire movement building into the future.