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About us

Works in Progress (WIP) is a community newspaper based in Olympia, Washington and published monthly.  The paper was established by the Thurston County Rainbow Coalition which published the first issue in May 1990. It is written and produced by volunteers; 3000 copies are distributed in over 50 locations in Thurston and nearby counties.

Our mission.  The aim of WIP is to confront injustice and encourage a participatory democracy based on justice in the economic, political,  environmental  and social realms and across classes, races and genders.

How WIP is produced.  WIP depends on a volunteer managing editor, supported by the Publishing Committee, to see to the accomplishment of nearly all organizational, administrative and editorial tasks.  Other volunteers handle layout, website, subscriptions, and distribution.

We rely on members of the community to submit enough content to fill the pages of the paper. During the summer of 2018 we will be seeking more people to volunteer to help produce the paper in order that it can continue on a more sustainable basis.

Volunteers.  WIP needs all sorts of people to thrive. To start with, we want people to submit news articles, analyses, reflections, reports of experience, data,  drawings, photographs, as well as ideas for any of those things. We also need “regulars” – anyone who will sign up to be part of the WIP cadre as outlined above  — for example, stringers to send in items of interest; distributors to take WIP to various locations each month; activists to handle regular outreach to groups; editors to revise submissions and do proofreading; runners to help with the dozens of tasks that go with putting out a community newspaper.  If you are interested in any of these areas — or in becoming more involved with the organizational underpinnings of WIP, please contact us at and tell us about yourself.

How WIP is supported.  First and foremost, WIP depends for survival on the contributions and participation of writers, activists, students, organizers, and other members of the community, broadly defined.  However, essential expenses — primarily printing — must be covered by donations, subscriptions and a few generous advertisers. We also receive support from the Workers’ Defense Fund whose purpose is to strengthen organizations that engage in struggle against the powerful for the empowerment of the powerless.

Back issues.  In addition to those searchable on this site, some back issues are available in the Timberland Library System.  Other past issues are archived at the University of Washington Library. You may also find the internet wayback machine to be useful.

Contact WIP.  Online at or via snail mail to:  Works in Progress,  P.O. Box 295, Olympia, WA 98507.