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About the Cover—July 2021

In late May, artist Kathy Gore-Fuss brought to fruition an idea that had been building in her mind for months – an outdoor art installation addressing the physical and emotional losses of the pandemic. Gore-Fuss and other artists wrapped thousands of flowers onto the surface of a large stone sculpture (by local artist Boucante, who also donated the use of his NE Olympia yard), creating a bower-like space with flower garlands that hung from trees and defined the space around the incense-topped stone. A blank journal allowed visitors to transcribe their thoughts while sitting on a nearby bench. As intended, A Place to Mourn acted as witness and recorder of collective and personal loss and grief, initiation and transformation. Gore-Fuss invited poet Ashly McBunch to visit the site (a copy of the poem she wrote in response is on page 3). Inspired by the community’s enthusiastic response, Gore-Fuss plans to create more temporary art installations in the future.

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