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Then this happened…

Maybe consider building affordable housing, Pat?

Our June issue was about the huge gap between how much money people have to live on, and the developers’ firm belief in expensive housing. We included a photo of the Rants Group’s planned
luxury condos in downtown Olympia.

According to The Olympian, in 2017 Rants told the paper that the time was right for condo development downtown, especially at a site with waterfront views and close to fine dining. (Did he miss the food bank just two blocks away?) Surprise! Rants has cancelled the condos, which were priced at $750,000 to $1.5 million.

“We just weren’t able to attract enough people at those prices,” said company president Pat Rants, noting the company is now looking at other possible uses for the land. (Thanks, PR) We like to think that Works in Progress had some small part in opening Mr. Rants eyes to what’s not needed in Olympia.. Anyone prepared to build apartments that a working person can afford?

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