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Community Spotlight — February 2021

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 YOUR PHONE:  a new tool to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

 WA Notify is an anonymous exposure notification tool recommended by the Washington State Department of Health to help stop the spread of COVID-19.  WA Notify can alert you if you’ve been near another user who later tests positive for COVID. It is private, anonymous and free. Models based on three counties in Washington state show that even a small number of people using WA Notify would reduce infections and deaths.The more people who use WA Notify, the more effective it will be. As of January 21, nearly 1.71 users had signed up. For more information on how to join, visit WA Health Dept. sige

TESC Art Lecture Series presents Gilda Sheppard and Simone Nicole Savannah

These presentations offer an opportunity for the broader community and the college to explore areas of inquiry and creative production through a lively exchange of ideas among speakers, students, faculty and members of the public. Lectures will take place every other Wednesday from 11:00 am via Zoom, beginning January 13. All events are free and open to the public.

Feb. 20: Gilda Sheppard, Evergreen Tacoma faculty and filmmaker, speaking on incarceration and education

Feb. 24: Simone Nicole Savannah, writer and poet, speaking  on sexuality, black feminist criticism.

For more information and Zoom links visit

The Commons

The Commons is a documentary film about communities re-asserting sustainable futures using consensus, equity and shared resources – ancient Commons principles. The film explores the increasing privatization and destruction of commons, primarily in the United States, and shows how many activists are re-taking commons, re-establishing communities controlling their own commons: maker spaces, land trusts, cooperatives, local food production and distribution, shared housing, free education, community centers – all as Commoners stewarding what they share. The film is screening on Vimeo. Contact –

Garden raised bounty volunteer kickoff and hangout

Feb. 17, 6-8 pm..In March, GRuB intends to be open to individuals and households for outside volunteering, so if you want to get GRuBby as a volunteer, come join our Volunteer Kickoff and Hangout via Zoom on Feb 17 from 6-7p. We will do a GRuB checkin and game (online style!), share updates and hear what you’ve been up to. Here’s the link!

Just Housing Workshops

If you, your group, or your organization are interested in hosting a Just Housing workshop, please let us know! The best way to tell use is to fill out this form.

 introduction to homelessness and encampments

Participants in this workshop can expect to learn basic information about homelessness, social services, and encampments in Thurston County. The workshop will also focus on policies, practices, and issues related to encampments in our community. Further, folks will learn more about Just Housing– who we are, what we advocate for and why, and how you can get involved. Q & A is a significant part of this workshop.

Moving beyond sweeps

In this workshop, participants will learn about, discuss, and explore:

  • What “sweeps” are and how they are carried out in Thurston County
  • Why sweeps don’t work
  • How the forcible removals of houseless camps impact all of us
  • Olympia’s history with encampments & sweeps
  • Just and effective alternatives to sweeps, including Shelter-in-Place

MAP – Mutual Aid Partners – Laundry fairies and do-ers

MAP volunteers provide essential services to people living unsheltered in the local community.

One of the biggest needs of any encampment is the availability of dry and clean clothes. Volunteers pick up laundry (Laundry Fairies) and take them to volunteers to do the laundry (Laundry Do-ers). The Fairies then pick up the clean laundry up and redistribute it to people in camps. Each Fairy has designated people and coordinates with Do-ers for location and time for dropping off and picking up.

oOlyMAP can helps make these connections and provides a structure to help complete this weekly task. If you’re interested, check their website at or OlyMAP at


Since 1996, CIELO has served as a community hub, providing hope to immigrants in Thurston, Lewis and Mason counties. They educate, empower, and connect people with the resources they need to create better lives for themselves and achieve their dreams. These resources include: education, counseling services, crime victim advocacy,  Desde 1996, CIELO ha estado brindando esperanza a inmigrantes en los condados de Thurston, Lewis y Mason. Aquí educamos, empoderamos, y conectamos a las personas con los recursos que necesitan para mejorar sus vidas y lograr sus sueños. ​During the COVID-19 pandemic CIELO’s team has not moved out of our offices, we have moved in to the community. Durante la pandemia de COVID-19, el equipo de CIELO no se ha mudado de nuestras oficinas, nos hemos mudado a la comunidad. ​Contact us to learn more about our remote services. Contactanos para saber mas de nuestros servicios en forma remota.

Creative Writing: Fiction & Nonfiction – Olivia Archibald & Jim Lynch

February 5 – March 12, 2:00 – 4:30 pm, Senior Services for South Sound

Practice writing narratives under the direction of two masters of the craft.  Activities will include brief discussions, writing practice, and small group critique in a nurturing environment.  The class encourages writers to consider their own real and imagined life experiences as valuable storytelling material, especially when salted with craft and emotional resonance.  (‘Tis the writer’s journey.) General Public/Members: $128/$120   Six Sessions *Limited to 15 students

“Glen’s Parallax Perspectives”

The February 2021 TV interview with Joanne Dufour will cover a powerful worldwide campaign that is making progress toward abolishing nuclear weapons. Joanne has a long background in the peace movement, including experience volunteering with the United Nations in New York. Like Glen she is an active member of the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.  This episode of Parallax Perspectives will explain the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which went into effect this January.  See the article on page … for more details   The interview airs on cable channel 22 of Thurston Community Media ( at 1:30 pm Mondays, 5:00 pm Wednesdays, 9:00 pm Thursdays.  Watch the interview and get a summary of the program plus more information at in the “TV Programs” and “Nuclear Weapons” categories.  Questions?  Contact Glen Anderson, producer/host at (360) 491-9093

Laundry Services

Laundry Services are integral to supporting the health and well-being of those living unsheltered in our community. Our Laundry Fairies pick up dirty laundry from camp residents and take them to our Laundry Do-ers, then pick up the clean clothes and bring them back to their owners. OlyMAP provides orientation for volunteers and facilitates connections between volunteers and encampment residents in need of this service.


January 10, 2021 – The fencing is up, and we’re waiting for construction to start. So excited about having this new addition in our neighborhood!

Construction is scheduled to begin soon on a new open-air canopy planned to house potential summer markets hosted by the park, as well as sheltering al fresco diners during the fall and winter. The project is the result of a collaboration with our neighbor, The Park Side Café, and will be situated on the east side of the Park’s gravel event area.

In keeping with our mission to maintain a walkable neighborhood and a resilient, connected community, we believe the new canopy will beautify our space and support some ideas we have in mind for next year. We are grateful for the partnership with The Parkside Café and other neighboring businesses, and for support from all of you out there in the community.

Stay tuned for updates.

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