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Then this happened — February 2021

Get out of jail free! Fewer people are turning to the CARE fund for financial help for a surprising reason:  referrals have slowed to a trickle because the powers that be have decided that it’s stupid to keep people in jail for minor offenses—during a pandemic, that is. The fund has provided small amounts of financial help to indigent residents who need help on things like closing a court case or getting a suspended license back. By the same token, few volunteers and outside staff can enter the jail. Fund managers will be meeting to review their mission for the duration of the pandemic.

Didn’t slow to a trickle. Neighbors of the Green Cove project (see January and March 2020 WIP) sent photos of runoff carrying significant amounts of silt into a pond and thence continuing downstream under French Loop Rd NW and on to Butler Cove and Budd Inlet.  As a result of citizens’ work, the Department of Ecology added the Green Cove property to the state database for cleanup. Not sure what developer Jerry Mahan might be doing in terms of this finding.

More like a flood.  In the middle of cranky arguments about whether people could get a one-time payment of $600 or (wow) $2000 there was nothing said about the wealthy getting repeated payments in the form of new tax breaks and loopholes, worth a total of $240 billion of the $900 billion included in the stimulus bill passed last December. You can read about them in detail at Americans for Tax Fairness.


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