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You can get Works in Progress in the mail each month. Mail subscriptions are $35/yr, or $15 for low-income subscriptions. (We trust your judgement about whether your income is low enough for the lower rate.) You can subscribe for mail delivery with WePay or by sending us a check at:

Works in Progress
PO Box 295
Olympia, WA 98507

Of course, we’d appreciate it if you helped support the paper even if we aren’t mailing it to you. You can make a donation with PayPal below, thanks for your support!

2 Responses to “Subscribe and Donate”

  1. lisa Riner

    April 7
    For people who want to mail in a check to WIP that is great.
    I thought that someone at WIP, said that the “PayPal” on the WIP website (above) does not work?
    I am confused. (I just mail my check to you, no problem).


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