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Then this happened…

…Olympia planners told developer Jerry Mahan he has to comply with city requirements, even though he has a powerful attorney and a lot of influential backers. Our February and March issues detailed how Mahan attorney Heather Burgess demanded that the city “timely complete” its review of her client’s project with no more information. But a project that envisions 181 single-family homes located over an unpermitted gravel mine and toxic dump site merits thorough evaluation. For now, it seems that the city is serious about exercising its responsibility to get the accurate and complete information necessary for an informed decision that protects the community now and in the future. Go to for more details.

…the insult to Americans’ intelligence continued as Florida Gov. Ron Desantis declared WWE wrestling an “essential service”—you know, like grocery stores and gas stations. …just another arrow in the Republican Party’s battle to replace common sense with an ideology lethal to tolerant Americans.

…Rocky Prairie won’t become the hub of a new logistics empire…Thurston County Commissioners recently took a preliminary vote that should lead to rejection of a request by a Kansas City-based developer called NorthPoint Development. The corporate owners want the Commissioners to rezone about 750 acres of Rocky Prairie property to rural resource industrial from rural one home per 20 acres. This would allow NorthPoint to move ahead with a plan to construct a massive intermodal (truck & train) industrial cargo center near Millersylvania State Park. A final vote will come later this year.

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This photo of Raul Guzman harvesting produce at Underwood Family…