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Works in Progress

Providence nursing staff stands up for themselves and their patients

For over a year, health care workers at Providence hospitals across the state have been negotiating with their employer on staffing levels, sick leave and compensation. Hospital administrators, under directives from their multimillion dollar corporate executives, refuse to budge on staffing levels and seek to eliminate hours of earned leave.…

Ballots arrive in mailboxes next month: Changes in voting procedure for presidential primary

If you’re planning to vote in Washington state’s Democratic Presidential Primary, be prepared for some big changes this year. The caucus has been replaced by a vote-by-mail primary. Ballots will arrive in mailboxes February 21, 2020, making Washington one of the earliest states to vote. That means your vote will…

Unsafe by any measure

Creosote Creosote has been used since the 1920s to preserve railroad ties and utility poles. It decays into a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) that bioaccumulates in marine life, affecting the growth, reproduction and survival of aquatic animals. Creosote can also be released into soil and contaminate groundwater, where it can…

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