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Then this happened

No shots were fired when US Marshalls arrested the MV The Dream, formerly the Evergreen State ferry without incident, at the request of the Port of Olympia on Sept 15. The 310-foot ferry, which has a fuel capacity of 30,000 gallons has been occupying a moorage at the Port since April 2018. There’s a new custodian—but the ferry will sit at the port until something bad happens—unless someone buys the near derelict vessel, pays its debt and tows it away.

…”antifa” got blamed for all the towering fires on the west coast—but it turns out that the biggest California fire was caused by a nice little family shooting off fireworks at a party for their baby. In Washington 107 of 816 fires were caused by regular ol’ people camping: Public land managers say they’re “fit to be tied with the behavior of people this summer” who don’t know or don’t care what they do in the woods. It doesn’t take much to start a blaze that in this hot dry weather will burn out of control: campfires not properly doused, firing up your off-road vehicle, a cigarette flicked out the window. Illegal fireworks. Most of the rest of the fires were caused by burning debris. But let’s blame “antifa”—young people in black hoodies must be dangerous.

.get rid of those pesky ballots! Less than 6 weeks before the election, the President of the United States said he wouldn’t commit to a peaceful transfer of power! And then he doubled down: “Get rid of the ballots and …there won’t be a transfer—frankly, there’ll be a continuation…” The “law and order” President who warns against violence in the streets if the Democrats win is apparently planning to make sure of that. Remember, this is the guy who said “there has to be retribution.” Maybe this explains why Trump is so supportive of armed vigilantes: he expects them to weigh in on his side…

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