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Themes for February, March and April 2019

February theme

Rural Life and the urban/rural divide. WIP is distributed in 4 counties of which three, Mason, Lewis and Grays Harbor are mostly rural. What is it like to live in “the county?” Community-supported agriculture might be thriving but the tax base is small. Election results from 2018 and earlier differ markedly between rural precincts and the Olympia-Lacey-Tumwater concentration. But do those results mean we really have widely different views when it comes to social and political issues? What about rural life in Central American communities whose people are leaving their homes in search of a livelihood in the US? Deadline for stories for the February issue is January 20.

Upcoming themes

  • March: Justice in all its dimensions (deadline February 17)
  • April: Food, production, consumption, transformation. (deadline: March 17)

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