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¿qué estamos esperando?

esperar means to hope
it also means to wait.
how odd,
that to hope and to wait
are the same verb in Spanish.
I suppose it makes sense,
for you cannot hope if you don’t have time
to wait for something more,
something better.
but does that mean
that to find that something
hope must always be on the horizon
always out of reach?
not something you can touch or hold or own?
that it will never be attained?
Is that what our lives are built on?
crafted with the fragile bricks of hope
that the foundation of our futures
is ever fluid and shifting
and that we can only wait for a better reality?
is it wrong that I am tired of waiting?
tired of watching our world rot
our people erode
and our hope dwindle.
* * * *
it means to do
it also means to create
what does that mean, “to do?”
to act?
to move forward?
or to move at all?
is it taking the bricks of our foundation—our hope—
and propelling them through the air
crashing through the windows
of this broken home.
but what of creation?
to create,
to cease our waiting
and put our sweat and our blood to work
for the home we want to build together.
maybe I need to abandon my hope
maybe it is the only incentive I have
to start the work
because when the structure is rotting
and the roof is caving in
we cannot hope
it does not crush us on its way down.

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