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Fort Discovery – The back story

An inspiration for Matt Shea

The Pacific Northwest Inlander publishes a story reporting that Fort Discovery’s attorney, Greg Overstreet, wrote a series of 10 dystopian novels called 299 Days using the pen name Glenn Tate. The novels depict the degeneration of the democratically elected government, its violent overthrow by “Patriots,” and its replacement with a libertarian state. Walters’ story reports that 299 Days helped inspire work by state representative Matt Shea and sympathizers, who have published tracks called The Biblical Basis for War and Restoration, which establish guidelines for the establishment of a “Christian” libertarian state.

As described by “Complete AR Rifleman” magazine, this Ft. Discovery custom Expedition rifle is a “boxful of badass.”

AR-15s, government chaos and Sharia law

The Port Townsend Leader follows with a related story that reports that Joe D’Amico is the model for a character in the 299 Days novels. The character, named Joe Tantori, leads a group of AWOL Marines called Tantori’s Raiders who help storm Olympia and bring down the government by force of arms—the culmination of the book series. The Leader story also details that Fort Discovery has been manufacturing and marketing an AR-15 called the Expedition Rifle, which is sold with a Rally Point coin that will admit purchasers to the Fort Discovery’s facility in the event of a government collapse.

Willamette Week publishes a story by Aaron Mesh, reporting that a series of three novels called A Great State were written by Anne Marie Gurney, who is married to Greg Overstreet, Mr. D’Amico’s attorney. The novels depict the degeneration of Portland into social chaos and the recognition of Sharia law.


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