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What if…

On May 1st of 2015 all people of color, and their supporters, peacefully went on strike to stop police corruption. 90% of the country shut down and stayed home with their families. This started a wave of peaceful opting out of the system culminating with the first native, white and black female President of USA in 2016. Then the gods of water, earth, fire, air and spirit regained their rightful place as sacred life givers of earth. Soon, all soldiers came home, all fracking and oil drilling ceased. Hemp and cannabis products became the top exports. Monsanto was quarantined and the bees returned. Geoengineering stopped and the skies cleared. People of all colors and faiths now live in harmony. The murder rate has never been lower. And now, with the free land act and an end to homelessness, not even money separates the people.


Lennée Reid is a geeky Unitarian witch who is trying to make sense of it all and find peace. She writes about esoteric scientific political and or f@cked up sh!t. Lennée has featured all over Cascadia and can be found smudging people at the artesian well at noon on Tuesdays.

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At 1:15 a.m. early Thursday, May 21 on the westside…