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Warmth and good cheer for America’s economic refugees

Shelter from the storm, refugees caught in the after math of the Bush era wars, no place is safe from the haboob, a desert storm. The kind thing to do is to take in these families of people so other people from the world community can see we in America are capable of benevolence. End the war on humanity.

A warm cup of coffee for a stranger who is homeless on the street…A blanket a pair of dry socks…Warm food to help stave off the cold on the growing winter nights…A shared dinner among friends.

Community leadership, city council men and woman, employees, cops and emergency services interacting with the poor during the holidays serving dinner to those eating at the Union Gospel Mission or the Salvation Army so they might see the condition of America’s refugee—the sick, the weary, the unemployed, the hungry. Those unable to overcome the Great Recession will always exist in a depressed America. Our most vulnerable are an at risk community, who risk hypothermia and hospitalization nightly. Instead of harassing homeless people sitting on the street with obviously few places to go, give and do charity so others will do the same unto you.

Christmas is a holiday that tells a traveler’s story in need of sanctuary.

Happy holidays.





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