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To our readers

Want to get your name in the paper? There’s an easy way: contribute to Works in Progress! There’re lots of ways, big or small, we need them all. (Even poetry is welcome, you see.) Since Works in Progress (WIP) is a free, all-volunteer community newspaper with a mission to publish news that is ignored or misrepresented, we rely on submissions from you, as well as articles we solicit.

Just now, WIP is looking for help in a number of areas. Writing, of course, is a big one. If you look at the column on the left side of this page, you’ll see how to submit your writing along with some indications of the kind of writing we hope for. But we’re also looking for people to help with the myriad tasks that don’t involve writing.

You could sign up for a job, either “on-call” or be a regular:

  • reading our public service announcement on community radio; typing and copying our updated style sheets
  • visiting an advertiser
  • providing us with a sketch, or random doodles
  • distributing the paper or handing it out to groups you’re part of
  • formatting press releases for layout
  • designing a cover
  • searching the WIP archive
  • organizing a WIP party
  • joining the proofreading team
  • photographer
  • reporter?

Then there’s writing. Oh, did I mention writing? The thing about WIP is that we like lots of kinds of writing – your pet peeve, reflections on an experience, your strong opinions, your analysis of what’s right with … well, your subject here. Or what’s wrong with it (usually that). A memorial to someone who deserves one; or who doesn’t. Satire, spoofs, parodies, especially if they have a little political flavor. The inside story of the kind of work you do that no one really knows about. Hidden histories. Or coverage of the shenanigans of the City, County and Port officials. Social life and environmental life in Olympia. WIP is just about the last print medium standing in Thurston County and surrounding area. We print and distribute 3000 copies every month, and post the paper on line at (We’re working on a major upgrade of that website.)

We can help you edit your work—especially if you send it in timely. Or, if you’re an experienced editor, we need those, too. Not just copy-editing, but serious good old-fashioned structural work.

If you’re interested and want to find out more, email us at with a little bit about yourself, your skills, your access. Or write us a letter and send it to WIP, PO Box 295, Olympia 98507.

Bethany Weidner, for Works in Progress

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