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To John Coal Train

I think I can I think I can
pollute the sound
burn down your town
I think I can I think I can
kill without hate
I don’t discriminate
I know I can and watch I will
Derail I will, I will derail

They think with trains they can attain
But they can’t train and they can’t twain

But perhaps I shouldn’t complain
For coal has got to get there
To get from there to a distant where
They’ll pass through here with poison ware
But beware, don’t let them pass
The life you save may be your ass
This may sound crass or even rude
I simply suggest you avoid the crude

Just don’t complain, right?
Coal has got to get there
Like cold hard cash, we pipe and move
to their offshore stash
It will create jobs they continually profess
But the job they have in mind is to clean up their mess

I think…I mean…I don’t know…I…I want…I….
I know I can but of course I won’t
tie to the tracks those that hold these accounts
That suck the blood of Earth and I
A train’s greatest enemy is the misguided “Y”

Kenneth, an Evergreen grad, spends his days sleeping, reading outside with cat in lap when weather allows, buying records at Rainy Day, and working on art projects. He spends his nights stocking products at a convenience store.

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