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Thumbs down on more legacy timber sales

Proponents of saving Washington’s few remaining legacy forests testified at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) monthly public hearing wearing yellow caution arm bands. On the auction block were four large parcels of land including legacy forests—defined as forests containing trees over 100 years old.. The community action group showed thumbs down when the Board passed yet more timber sales. In March a 172-acre stand named Juneau will be up for auction

The group was asking for a moratorium on timber sales in order to save the last 5% of the state’s legacy forests. These forests are understood by climate scientists as necessary carbon sinks. Cutting them poses a severe threat to the region and undermines climate commitments and emissions reduction targets. Turning out for this theatrical action were activists from multiple community groups, including Friends of Trees, Restoring Earth Connection, and the Climate Art in Action Group of Thurston Climate Action Team. —Julie Ratner

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