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On the third anniversary of the  Lac Megantic tragedy

July 6, 2016 — In this week commemorating the tragedy of July 6, 2013, we, militants of Lac Megantic, affirm our solidarity with the militants of the West Coast and its first nations, who, like us, are challenging the transportation of oil over obsolete rail lines. In this third year since we became aware of the dangers inherent in transporting oil by train, everything having to do with keeping people safe remains to be done.

The derailment of June 3, 2016 in Mosier, Oregon reminds us that we are right to insist that the rules be changed. The oil industry must stop expanding and redirect itself toward a reduction of activity; must lessen rather than increase the transportation of oil. Also, it is essential that the governments of the Canada and the United States adopt stricter standards and rules covering railroads.

I know that we are all working for a common cause and that working for the public good forces us to confront the established order. Public security must be the first priority of our legislators. Our struggles are important and, in memory of the forty-seven victims of Lac Megantic, we continue to fight.

Citizens Committee of the Lake Megantic Region, Quebec

Translated by Dan Leahy and Bethany Weidner


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