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Then this happened — Summer 2023

City officials blamed ill-informed voters in Olympia and Tumwater for rejecting a plan to merge Olympia and Tumwater fire departments into a Regional Fire Authority. The vote against was 11,493 or 64% out of 18,055 total votes cast.

The US Navy deployed new low-yield warheads on missiles at Bangor Submarine Base – to deter Russians from “first use” of tactical nukes, lowering the threshold for use by the US.

Habitat for Humanity paid the city $1.00 for property on Boulevard Rd., where the non-profit is preparing to build 180 units of housing, including 123 that will remain permanently affordable.

The state will for the first time set aside public timber acreage for carbon sequestering – thanks to efforts of the Legacy Forest Project and emails to legislators from over 30,000 Washingtonians.


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