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Then this happened — February 2020

…at the last last minute, facing a statewide strike by 13000 caregivers, Providence finally began negotiations with leadership from the three unions involved (UFCW, SEIU, WSNA). As the clock wound down, at the last possible minute, literally 1 hour before the official 10-day strike notice was to be announced Providence withdrew their aggressive cuts to paid leave programs in exchange for a 1-week delay in strike notification.

Over that week all of the open contract tables except Swedish were able to settle contracts to the nursing and other staff satisfaction. Unions at St. Peter’s were able to settle their contract through Federal Mediation on January 10.

Swedish was not been able to reach favorable resolution to all contract issues yet. They have concerns regarding staff safety, staffing and wage adjustments for the Seattle market. Swedish recently announced strike notice on January 17. Their 8000 caregivers plan to strike for 3 days near the end of the month. People from Olympia plan to go to Seattle to walk the picket line with them.

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