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Then this happened…

Port of Vancouver thriving under new Commissioner leadership

Last year, WIP reported that citizens of Vancouver WA had elected a second opponent of oil terminal development to a seat on their Port Commission. With a two out of three majority that was able to change the direction of the Port. The same two members just approved a policy that states. “The port chooses not to pursue new bulk fossil fuel terminals on port-owned industrial property.” Community activists heralded the decision as a win for embracing community safety and livability and for fighting global climate change on the local level.

And this redirection of the Port business is bearing other fruit. This June, Longshoremen unloaded 198 49-meter Vestas wind turbine blades at the Port, bound for PacificCorp’s wind project near Dayton WA. The shipment set a record—the largest-ever volume of wind turbine blades shipped on a single vessel.

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