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Alyssa Charest Bégnoche,4, died with her mother in their apartment near the track

Bianka Charest Bégnoche,9, died with her mother in their apartment near the track

Talitha Coumi Begnoche, 30, mother of Alyssa and Bianka, died in their apartment.

Élodie Turcotte, 18, studying to be beautician. First job as waitress in Music-Cafe.

Frédéric Boutin, 19, Lived in apartment near the Musi-Cafe (M-C) martyrs

Jo-Annie Lapointe, 20, waitress at Musi-Cafe, planning to move to Sherbrooke.

Marie-Sémie Alliance, 22, leaves behind 18 month old daughter. Died with Jimmy Sirois.

Marianne Poulin, 23, partner with Kevin Roy. Died in their apartment.

Kathy Clusiault, 24, trained massage therapist. Home to visit family. Died in apartment.

Andrée-Anne Sévigny, 26, working as she studied to be a nurse.

Maxime Dubois, 27, died in Musi-Cafe, four days after partner delivered their first child, Anais.

David Lacroix-Beaudoin, 27, home from Lausanne to celebrate with his buddies. Died in M-C

Geneviève Breton, 28, aspiring singer recording first album. Died in the musi-cafe.

Eric Pepin, 28, a construction worker, perished with friends at the Musi-Cafe.

Mélissa Roy, 29, worked in local door factory. Died at the Musi-Cafe.

Kevin Roy, 29, partner with Marianne Poulin, died in downtown apartment.

Joanie Turmel, 29, .artist, graphic designer. Married to Gaetan Bouchard with two children.

Mathieu Pelletier, 29, high school math teacher, hockey star and new father. Died in M-C.

Jimmy Sirois, 30, died in Musi-Cafe with his partner, Marie-Semie Alliance.

Jean-Guy Veilleux, 32, studied at Polyvalente Montignac. Died in his apartment near track.

Michel Junior Guertin, 33, father of two worked at door factory. Died in M-C with David Martin.

Gaétan Lafontaine, 33, businessman, rushed into M-C to save his wife, Joanie. Perished.

Karine Lafontaine, 35,married to Gaetan’s brother, Pascal with two children. Perished in M-C.

Yannick Bouchard, 36, died in his home near the train tracks.

Marie-Noelle Faucher, 36, worked at local excavation company, leaves two children. (M-C)

Karine Champagne, 36, celebrating a birthday in Musi-Cafe. Leaves behind two sons.

David Martin, 36, worked at the local door factory, died in M-C with his friend Michel Guertin.

Stéphane Bolduc, 37, welder and car salesman, celebrating his birthday in the M-C.

Natachat Gaudreau, 41, worked for Statistics Canada, mother of two teenagers, died at M-C

Guy Bolduc, 43, popular folk singer, leaves behind wife and two children. Died in M-C.

Stéphane Lapierre, 45, father of two teenagers, former railroad worker. Died in his home.

Diane Bizier, 46, assembly line worker, leaves behind 17 year old daughter & 19 year old son

Martin Rodrigue, 48, a stonemason, was working the sound system in the Musi-cafe.

Lucie Vadnais, 49, worked at a local day care center. Died in the Musi-Cafe

Sylvie Charron, 50, worker at senior residence, leaves a daughter and granddaughter.

Yves Boulet, 51, a musician who was playing drums at the live concert. Died in M-C.

Jean-Pierre Roy, 52, father of three. Died in Musi-Cafe.

Denise Dubois, 57, an accomplished musican, dancer and chef. Died in her home.

Réal Custeau, 57, lived in an apartment downtown near the train tracks.

Henriette Latulippe, 61, a manicurist with a downtown salon. Died in apartment near M-C.

Roger Paquet, 61, worked at Energex wood-pellet factory. Died at home near tracks.

Marie-France Boulet, 62, lived behind her lingerie shop close to the Musi-cafe

Richard Veilleux, 63, friend of Marie’s and grandfather of four.

Jacques Giroux, 65, self-employed renovator recently retired. Lived above the M-C.

Louisette Poirier, 76, Leaves behind three children, four grandchildren. Died in her home.

Willfried Ratsch, 77, long time partner of Louisette Poirier. Died with her in their home.

Éliane Parenteau, 93, widow, former owner of the local IGA supermarket, lived near track.

Prepared by Dan Leahy, 6/8/14, for the one year commemoration efforts in Washington State.

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