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That thirst for spilling sweet human blood by worshipping the wrong Jesus

My jesus, it has never been the White man’s place to be inside my head, my home, my relations, my schooling, nor my workplace as his betrayer on representing Black American cultural ways. Yet, that was definitely the attempt when I arrived in Olympia in 1992 a newly hired police officer. The White Man did not act alone, but in collaboration with his “house Negroes,” who had been bought, and sold on the Master’s plan prior to my arrival.

I came to realize over-time there was a very powerful, and influential religious cult, based primarily on White America’s conservative Christian values. I had arrived to serve as an “enforcer” of its disturbing valued beliefs, while already opposed on a more secular spirit of Black American empowerment, was positioned like a political pawn pathetically in service as one of two local Black cops,

Shamefully on their part, I was falsely represented as a follower of Allah, and had undergone the teachings of Muhammad. Their error were based simply on the fact that I was Black from political partisan origins in the State of Illinois, and that I was raised in a Black community known for its historic pride on Black Power. Yes, there I was, a threatening local Black Militant Cop, slash, local Islamic terrorist determined to unleash a battle assault upon Christianity’s local empowering grip.

Time had reinforced the proof to them of my refusal to convert as demanded in the eyes of local Conservative Christian values. Ultimately, the decision had been reached that I must go. Meaning, an order from inside the secret chambers of “Holy Rights” had been given in the form of a “sacred hit” by local don’s (local fathers of Christian Empire) of conservative Christianity. A hit put on my head ordering that I either be run out-of-town, or exterminated in some fashion.

After contemplating my options, I decided not to leave, but instead defenselessly (no Black Power) remain to fight an honorable battle for Black America’s social justice. And, that decision was reinforced from childhood lessons on Black empowerment, therefore Black militancy became an essential political stance. A stance of Black militancy rooted into the philosophy of Black Nationalism acting with self-defense to fight against White societal violence introduced to destroy its evolution. You could say that I had reached a point of completely reversing my social role. When I first arrived, I was more of a neutral-minded (diversity) Black Cop unaware of serving to Protect, and Preserve Conservative Christian values. And, now, here I am a Rebel of Insurgency on warring for ideological views of Black American Nationalism. It has been a rather dynamic role locally since leaving police services, which has kept me quite busy on frontlines of battling to lay claim upon vast lands, and vast wealth.

Basically, I am now serving as a local Black political activist speaking on the reality of Black America creating our United States of America into what she is today, yet remaining to be harmfully cheated, stolen, and robbed of a fair share to evolve their own humanity. Our current time in the United States of America is obviously reflective of that controversy (police killings of Black men), and our government›s constructive involvement has done nothing more than contributed to it spiraling out of control. We have escalated ourselves into an increasing CHIRAQ (Ill Formed Nation), destined to eventually consume each, and every state of our Union. Ever since the White, Euro-American race violated laying their hands upon my people, and forcefully indoctrinated them with conservative Christian values, we have had to endure perpetual enslavement. A conditional state of profound social enslavement designed around the precepts of genocide.

Wake-up Black America, look at what conservative Christianity did after electing your first Black American president. Remember, during Barack Obama›s ceremonial Oath-of-Office to serve this Nation, where «he decided» to put his hand on two Bibles? While one of those Bibles belonged to Abraham Lincoln, and the other Bible belonged to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., both of those Bibles contained the doctrinal text of Black America’s enslaver, conservative Christian values. The same religious text over the centuries serving as a standard on teaching Black Americans their place of compliance to White Imperialism.

Black America, what religious spirit are you practicing under to guide your life on a daily basis? Black America, are you among the gazillions of our people in the United States of America who have accepted the deceitful indoctrination of conservative Christian values? You are in fact being subconsciously (dumbed down) led to believe of free-will (Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness) is at your disposal, while self-practice of slave tactics have been ingrained into your psyche. Black America, please, I ask that you finally give serious consideration to breaking away from the physical and mental chains that have remained affixed through the applications of conservative Christian values.

I’m calling out to you to devote full commitment of yourself to a true Black empowerment of “coming together.” The guiding theme of “justice or else” that continues reverberating from those messages of our Million Man Marches on Washington D.C., are exemplary of a Black American social era working to carry through with “Black American Lives Mattering.” A Black social movement of this era that’s trying to direct your (Black America) attention of full commitment to rising a powerful Black American nation within this nation of the United States of America—a commitment that demands Black Americans set aside their many differences, and unite themselves on a common mission.

This is a mission of true freedom to fully reclaim Black America’s sovereign rights. The human rights of this nation’s Black people to finally put an end to White America’s perpetual and industrious “nigger slave trading” establishment. The final ending to White America’s pervasive violation upon the “universal laws of humanity” by defining Black America’s civilization. An uncivilized state in the United States of America that has kept Black Americans as a target of genocide. Come together, Black Americans…

Ronald Nesbitt lives in Olympia and is a former Olympia police officer.


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