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Thank you from the Estuarium

An invitation to a free day on Saturday, Dec. 17

Come to the Estuarium on December 17 to discover the orcas that share the waters of the Puget Sound. You will learn the history of southern resident orcas in this area and the survival challenges they face. We have samples of marine mammal pelts and a harbor porpoise skeleton to examine while we discuss the life of an orca in these waters. There will be marine mammal themed games and prizes!

The Estuarium’s Orca Odyssey Exhibit is a traveling exhibit based on the book Orca: Shared Waters, Shared Home written by Lynda V. Maples that was reviewed in WIP in February 2022. (This book will be for sale at the Estuarium.) Throughout December and January there will be orca-centric education at the Estuarium.

This free event is open to the public at our location: 309 State Avenue NE. Masks are required, and COVID-19 protocols will be in effect.

Thank you to every person who donated

And thank you to every person who donated or shared our posts during our 2022 fund-raising campaign, you made a difference! We cherish the opportunity to show you all of the things we do here at the Estuarium and highlight our K-12 programs that not many people know about. We know our community cares about creating connection with the estuary environment and we are proud of how our place-based programs provide that opportunity to local students.

Before the pandemic we were reaching 330 students annually for both our On The Water and Estuary Life and Landform Field Trips, in 2022 we have reached 889 students through On The Water and 750 through Estuary Life and Landforms Field Trips.

With every one of our annual K-12 field trips, we have made the necessary adjustments that have allowed us to continue to deliver our STEM, environmental education curricula, throughout every phase of this ongoing pandemic. This challenge has not stopped us from dreaming big for the future. We will continue to grow while sustaining the quality of our programs and we appreciate your support in this journey.

Now we can go into 2023 knowing that we will be ready to explore the estuary, connect with our community, and inspire change!

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