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Sixth Annual Arlington Northwest

In Olympia, the Sixth Annual Arlington NW Memorial Display will be at Heritage Park at 5th Avenue and Water Street on the weekend of Saturday, September 8th and Sunday, September 9th 2012.

Arlington NW is a major travelling display dedicated to the 6,500 U.S military men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan during the last decade of war and occupation. The impressive display consists of white tablet markers which are arranged in rows and columns to simulate what Arlington National cemetery would look like if a section were devoted entirely to the deceased of the two wars and occupations. Other recognition will be given to civilian deaths too.

Notebooks listing the name and information of each fallen US military person will be on a table for public inspection. Visitors may choose a name from the books and write a card with the information about the deceased service member. Over the years, these cards—hundreds,  maybe thousands—were glued and laminated on previously blank markers to commemorate friends and loved ones. Visitors search for the markers so dedicated and to pause and contemplate.

Over the years, Veterans For Peace (VFP) chapters with other civic groups around Puget Sound have erected this display at parks, college campuses and community gathering spots, most recently at Marine Park on Ruston Way in Tacoma. Additional names on the markers are picked up on each stop. Arlington NW is impressive, solemn and respectful.

Veterans For Peace (VFP) is a national organization founded in 1985 by military veterans, men and women, of all eras and armed conflicts. VFP seeks to abolish war as national policy and educate the public about the true costs of war.

Volunteers to help set up and assist Arlington NW are welcome. For information call Veterans For Peace Rachel Corrie Chapter 109 (VFPRCC109) at (360) 880-4226 or    e-mail to

—Veterans For Peace Rachel Corrie Chapter


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