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Sanctuary:  organizations – reports and resources

Immigrant Legal Resource Center

for direct download:

“Local Options for Protecting Immigrants: A Collection of City & County Policies to Protect Immigrant from Discrimination and Deportation”  Lena Graber, Angie Junck, Nikki Marquez.  Sections include: County & Jail Provisions; Criminal Legal Provisions, City Provisions, Mapping Local Authorities

“Searching for Sanctuary: An Analysis of America’s Counties & Their Voluntary Assistance with Deportations”  Grabe & Marquez, Dec 2016

United We Dream: Sanctuary — #Here to Stay Toolkit Immigrant Youth Building a Movement for Justice.

“Five important things you need to know about DACA during a Trump presidency”


Northwest Immigrant Rights Project 

Education, advocacy & legal services. On their web site, see:

“Important information about DACA” “Upcoming Community Events”

Resources: Deferred Action & DACA; Detention & Deportation Defense; Latest Immigration Updates.  Offices in Tacoma & Seattle.

WA Human Rights Commission

Information, posters on discrimination in housing and employment.

National Immigration Law Center

“Immigration Enforcement: Know Your Rights at Home and at Work” and other materials  “National Map of Local Entanglement with Ice”  Article/map on the degree to which local law enforcement offers assistance to federal authorities.

“Tool Kit for an Inclusive Oregon” Innovation Law Lab, Portland OR

Also see their project “Immigrant U”  (empowering clients to improve legal services)

Washington State Workers’ Rights Manual, 3rd edition, 2014. Full & abridged versions. Available Online –

See Chapter 10 – “Undocumented Workers”

WA State Labor Education & Research Ctr – provides online materials, and workshops focusing on a range of labor issues, including the rights/needs of immigrant workers

National Employment Law Project

Main office in NYC, with Seattle office, staff focusing on immigrant workers’ rights.

A few items of media coverage: 1/24/17  Links Sanctuary to workplace empowerment & labor strategies

“Sanctuary Cities Stand Firm Against Trump”  On re-affirming Sanctuary, no definitive listing (list notes NYC & SFran to Aberdeen WA & Ashland OR)  “Here are the Sanc cities ready to resist T’s deportation threats (and how much of their budget could be at stake)”

Estimates… from 1 – 2% of Portland to 25% of DC budget threatened

“Being a Sanctuary city: what it means, what cities can do, and what they can’t”

12-16-16  (Orange County Register, CA)

“Santa Ana cements status as Sanc City” 12-20-16    Dec 2016  “Ending their Sanc status would be far more economically devastating than if T pulls federal funding” (estimated 300 cities are Sanc identified)    11-15-16 Focus: statements of Chicago, NY, Seattle right after election



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