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Readers’ Alert— review a book! Get $50!

WIP has new funding for our “Readers Review” offer. Each month we publish a list of books (here). If you’d like to be considered to review one of them, email us and put BOOK REVIEW in the subject line. We will buy the book (or reimburse you if you buy it) and pay $50 if the review is accepted. If any of these books looks interesting, let us know. Or propose a book yourself.

The Great Displacement: Climate Change and the Next American Migration, by Jake Bittle.“a vivid tour of the new human geography—real people in real places.”

American Midnight: The Great War, A Violent Peace and Democracy’s forgotten Crisis, by Adam Hochschild. The author brings this history of events leading up to the First World War to life with a cast of characters who could give today’s far-right actors a run for their money.

The Farmer’s Lawyer: The Fight to Save the Family Farm, by Sarah Voge. The author’s real life story of fighting for farmers pushed off the land by a plan, ordered and carried out by top government officials.

We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow and Other Stories by Margaret Killjoy. A lot of it takes place in the Pacific Northwest with characters defending their territory.

Sold a Story: how teaching kids to read went wrong, Corinne Adams watches her son’s lessons during Zoom school and discovers he can’t read – and he’s not the only one. [this is a podcast, but available to review too]

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