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Peace is not always gentle

True peace is served by
shattering our illusions with the stone of Truth
chaining ourselves to the weight
of Responsibility
opening our hearts ever wider
to the ravages of Love.
Peace is not easy.


Can you be all-encompassing?
Can you keep your still center,
seat of grace,
and bring love to that which destroys?
Its pain, after all, is your own,
and also God forgetting itself.
Nothing is beyond our embrace.


God, move within us.
Open our hearts and our hands
and our eyes.
Your loving Sight heals all—
here, look through my eyes.
The work of your hands we see in the abundant beauty around us—
use our hands to create,
in Your image.


In your heart is the home of every soul –
let the lost find peace and respite within ours.
We are here to do your work, Lord.
Use us to bring your heavenly peace
to Earth
in the kinship of all things.


                          —Melissa Rasmussen

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