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On the Menu Today

The Fukushima Special is the house specialty
A delectable day glow tuna sushi
Fresh and raw same as they were
Eyes hemorrhaging in the Sea of Japan

The BP sampler includes whole eyeless shrimp
The perfect choice for the sleeping blind masses
Who fail to see the irony
I do recommend trying this soon
Their supply is limited

May I suggest pairing this with a GMO papaya corn relish?
Whose production and promotion use more crude
Than you and your car ever will

A limited time offer the claw less crab
Is a good choice for the helpless
And whoever else just doesn’t care
Crabs can’t grow claws in the gulf

My personal favorite however
Fresh mastodon tar tar just harvested from the taiga
After an arctic heat wave and forest fire
Opened that freezer door
This truly is a rare treat and melts in your mouth
Just like permafrost was never supposed to

All guests today also receive
A complimentary glass of
Authentic unpolluted Antarctic lake water
That had been trapped for millions of years
Once word gets out demand will be high
It is the only virginal standing water on the planet
The price is well worth it
That is if you will buy anything

And if you truly appreciate the finer things in life
In a private reserve we have a selection
Of aged Chernobyl cheddar
This can only be appreciated
By the most discerning palate
As it packs quite a breath taking bite

Enjoy your meal and thank you for dining at
The Millennium Shift Cafe
Bon Appétit

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