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Of Slaves

Dealt with a rough hand by the way society is structured

Because you are black you are at a disadvantage

Is what they told me

I mean I am black in White America, but hardly paid the color green


I have a problem with a lot of what you said

I am not a product, I am done being someone else’s second option

My body is not a product

It’s so easy to respect sex workers, I like women and I’m surrounded by loneliness constantly

To take the blame off of them and put it on me is ridiculous

Fuck them, and that way of thinking

Me showing my body doesn’t deem me less deserving of respect than a woman or a person who doesn’t. period

It’s great that you respect what I do, but your view of me is shit

Comparing me to junk food doesn’t seem like respect at all, and people aren’t products that others can just consume


Of exploitation comes the confines of Abraham’s proclamation

Towards the wilderness’s deforestation

To the fields of slavery deportation

James Earl Ray will attempt to assassinate my declaration

Byron De La Beckwith will attempt to lynch my message from American’s legislation


Do you remember Hariette Moore and Harry?

Because you are black you are at a disadvantage, does that sentence seem scary?


The FBI used COINTLPRO agents

And now that Malcolm’s dead we wonder why from the White Man’s station


Society, and men especially should encourage women to advocate for themselves

It’s important to let women know that they have a voice and that they have a right to tell men that they are not comfortable with being treated inappropriately

Therefore, women must begin to feel more confident, not only with expressing consent, but for voicing their own opinions too

— Darrell Herbert


Darrell Herbert is a recipient of a National Silver Medal and Gold Key, presented by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2014. His poetry has been featured in numerous publication such as Writers- Black Artists Connected Blog, Yellow Chair Review, and Media Blast Press.


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