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O.J. Simpson and D. J. Trump: Pied Pipers of Blind Mice

a poem in prose…

Might the “J” stand for jack-ass? O.J was acquitted of murder for the same reason Trump was elected. In the former instance black people were taken advantage of, the community was used as leverage to instill fear, O.J. escaped an otherwise certain fate and went free; not because of any flaws in the investigation but to prevent another riot, a la the recent Rodney King trial (white officers acquitted, O.J. let go to balance the equation despite overwhelming evidence). In the latter instance Trump managed to play the race card and beat the drums of resistance to immigration, fan the flames of xenophobia, sexism, Islamophobia, and homophobia. O.J. didn’t care about the struggling of the black community, he spent most of his time with rich white people (he attended Trump’s wedding) and Trump does not care about poor whites. Once again, the people were duped by rich and powerful celebrities. The people ignored the evidence, policies (or lack thereof), and histories of the men they endorsed and supported. And I believe these jerks (maybe that’s what the “J” stands for) are murderers and sociopaths. Trump’s little hands, poised above the proverbial button that will launch a nuclear weapon no less bloodied than those that stabbed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. The O.J. trial split the world in two: black and white. Trump’s rise to power is splitting a country in two: socialists and fascists…with a whole lot of confused souls stuck in the middle, yearning for a third option. O.J. eventually ended up behind bars for different crimes. We can only hope Trump trips himself up in the same fashion.


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