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Nonviolence Is Both Practical and Powerful

Most people assume that violence solves problems. Actually violence only makes problems worse.  We must replace the cycle of violence with fresh nonviolent strategies and actions.

Some people think that nonviolence is too weak for the real world. Actually, violence does not work.  Nonviolence is the truly practical alternative that really does work!

Our nation is immersed in violence. Our foreign policy is extremely violent. Violence also pervades our domestic systems. Poverty, racism and sexism are inherently violent. Our criminal justice system relies upon violence. Capitalism violently hurts the environment.

We need to replace those violent systems with nonviolent ways of running our society.

People are taught that the only two responses to a problem are “fight” or “flight.” Either use violence or run away. Actually, nonviolence is a third alternative that usually works better. It helps us deal with the problem with smart, ethical strategies instead of violence.

100 years ago World War I’s supporters promised it would be “the war to end all wars.” Did WW 1 accomplish that?

The U.S. trapped itself in a chronically violent foreign policy of many endless wars.  If your only tool is a hammer, you’ll treat every problem as if it were a nail. Instead of solving problems, the US’s wars have made problems worse and antagonized the rest of the world.

Our federal budget also prioritizes military violence. Instead, we should spend that money to meet human needs.

Violence keeps us “stuck.” Nonviolence offers a creative alternative.

Conflict will always exist. Nonviolence changes the dynamics of conflict to promote workable solutions. Nonviolence rewrites the script of how the conflict can play out.

Since the late 1960s Glen Anderson has devoted his life to working as a volunteer for peace, nonviolence, social justice, and progressive political issues. He has lived in Lacey since 1975. 

Research proves that nonviolence really does work better than violence.  Information resources on my blog:

Many other resources are in the “Nonviolence” category of my blog,

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