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How Moxlie Creek takes care of us

The best place to see Moxlie Creek is on the loop trail in Watershed Park. Moxlie Creek starts out as an artesian spring at the southern end of the park. As it flows through the park northward towards Budd Inlet, the creek is joined by more springs and groundwater from the forested wetland. After leaving the park, the creek is piped under I-5, through the City of Olympia’s Maintenance Yard, then under and along the side of Henderson Boulevard. Indian Creek joins Moxlie Creek just before the intersection of Plum Street and Union Avenue. Both creeks are piped under Union Avenue and northward two-thirds mile to East Bay. Inside the 6-foot pipe, Moxlie Creek is joined by a network of stormwater pipes that carry the runoff from the roads, parking lots and roof tops from downtown Olympia. At East Bay, the pipe discharges the ancient artesian fresh water, Indian Creek’s waters—and today’s polluted runoff—into Puget Sound.

—from the Thurston County StreamTeam website. You can find out more about our streams and learn about volunteering at


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