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Citizenship Day Legal Training
Saturday, October 18, 10 am to 3 pm
SPSCC, Olympia

This is an important announcement to the over 180,000 Washington residents who are eligible for citizenship but haven’t yet naturalized.

Washington New Americans, a partnership between OneAmerica and the State of Washington, is hosting a Citizenship Day on Saturday, October 18. At this free legal clinic, volunteer immigration attorneys will help eligible Legal Permenant Residents navigate the complex naturalization process.

With neither Congress nor President Obama making any progress on a broken immigration system, this event is a positive opportunity for immigrants who are one step away from citizenship.

This event is open to the public.

Court date for Zahid Chaudhry
Monday, October 20, 1 pm
Immigration Court
1000 2nd Ave, Seattle

There will be a peaceful vigil & solidarity rally for justice outside the court building on the street.

If you plan to be in the courtroom at 1 pm, please remember to bring ID and give yourself plenty time to go through security checks.

Car/Van-pool from Lacey Park & Ride 4800 Martin Way E., Lacey, WA leaving at 10:30 am.
For more information call/text/leave message at 360-529-1109.

Evolution, Civilization, and the Future of Planet Earth
Wednesday, October 22, 7 pm – 9 pm
Traditions Cafe, Olympia
Potluck first (please bring utensils)
Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein

Talk about several second order issues, rather than addressing empirical evidence of extinctions directly (e.g. starfish wasting, whitenose syndrome in bats). Some of the questions we have generated include: What are the big dangers? Is there hope? If there is hope, are humans structured in such a way that we will do the right thing, or the wrong thing? Is there something that individuals can do? Where are we missing big opportunities? What does the evolutionary nature of human beings have to say about the nature of the crisis?

Hosted by Marylea Coday and Mike Coday

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