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Make this dream a reality

I am the creator of A Green New Global Deal Facebook page. I ask you to remember that the fight over climate change is not just for us. It is our children and future generations who will be dealing with the full effects of the reshaping environment. It is time to do the right thing for them and these changes are on you and me. It is a fight we cannot afford to lose.

As a Caucasian male of Iroquois Nation and Scot descent, I have always had other voices in my blood which are older and much wiser. I have learnt from them and abide by them. Being human, I have made my share of mistakes in life. However, I have learned that when people of conscience do nothing, the earth dies just a little bit more.

We are all mere fibers in this web of life, inextricably connected to each other in one way or another. What happens to one community affects all communities. When one segment of society is marginalized for so long, society at large will pay an exacting price.

As a veteran I took the Oath of Enlistment and swore to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies ‘foreign and domestic.’ ” The last time I looked, the rights of all citizens were not included. There was no time limit on that oath and I didn’t sign up to watch this kind of behavior from any state in the union, regardless of how “Deep South” they are politically. While the US purports to spread democracy abroad, it also has a history of actively suppressing women and minorities at home.

In 2012 I had a daydream in which I experienced one possible future for humanity. Two years later, a second vision played, roughly mimicking my dream of months earlier, although this one had a definite message: something beautiful is going to happen. The dream included an event at Evergreen —a three-day public and privately funded festival, held in July, that, at its very heart would be A Green New Global Deal.

The three-day affair would expound on every aspect of our changing environment through public lectures, a theatre showing top notch documentaries, and tented corporate presentations showcasing product demonstrations. A physicist told me once that we live in a “persistent universe.” With this as a badge of faith, I take the City of Olympia and The Evergreen State College to task: We demand “A Greener New Global Deal” festival!

This planet cries out for help. For change. Be that change! Speak up, act up… for mother Earth and all her inhabitants. All of her species. If you drink water, breath air, or love someone, winning this war is up to you and me.

Presently houseless, Alan Hill is a 68 year-old activist. 

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