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Love Our Local Fest 2013

photo by Joel Kluger

Love Our Local Fest 2013
Celebrate Our Gifts ~ Cultivate Community ~ Dwell in Possibility
Daniel A Landin

Trillium Power Productions is thrilled to invite you to the third annual Love Our Local Fest! This free event will take place at the intersection of San Francisco Ave and Bethel St NE, on Sunday August 25 from 1–9 pm.  And it is going to be fun!

The whole community is invited to celebrate life together in the streets, in the heart of the northeast neighborhood of Olympia, as the three blocks emanating from this intersection will be pedestrian only (no cars!) for the whole day.  Sharing a day of music, inspirational speakers, delicious food, creativity, friends and fun, we will showcase many aspects of our local community and economy.  An artisan market, a children’s area, healing artists, the painting of an intersection, and local non-profits fill in our celebration’s unique village microcosm.  This will be a lot of fun!

Our three-fold mission, Celebrate Our Gifts ~ Cultivate Community ~ Dwell in Possibility, guides the facilitation of this one-day festival. As organizer Marie Poland says, “Love Our Local Fest (LOLF) is a great representation of collaboration in action. I consider simple celebrations like this one integral to our evolution as humans.”  Marie is a remarkable speaker and facilitator and will be inviting visionary community activists, business owners, healers, and other community members to speak at Love Our Local Fest throughout the day.  There will also be a soapbox on site so that truly everyone has a platform to speak at LOLF.

Celebrate Our Gifts
The Olympia area is rich with inspired and talented people, working hard all year long to make our home a better place. Love Our Local Fest celebrates an artisan market place featuring the wares of our most talented and creative crafters and local growers.  Organized by upcycling clothier Shari Trnka, this is decidedly a market for things created and grown here.

This market is a straightforward way to support our local economy, where a dollar spent is a dollar that stays right here in the community. This year we are encouraging artisans to do on site demos of their crafting.  This will educate folks about the labor of the crafters they are supporting, and make things more fun and interesting!

Cultivate Community
Music draws people together across the world and right here in Olympia! There will be two stages of live music, featuring artists entirely from the South Sound…and this means dancing in the street! We are very excited to have the jam rock reggae of High Ceiling, acoustic roots rock legend Mudcat, classical Indian music from Rag Dharma, and the original bluegrass of The Pine Hearts, to name a select few.

There will also be salsa dancing with instruction, a 1960’s dance party, physical theater, and much, much more.  Keep an eye out at for an updated schedule as August 25th nears.  We are absolutely amazed at the talented artists we will have on stage for Love Our Local Fest this year.

Dwell In Possibility
Love Our Local Fest strives to invite the great offerings of our area to shine. If your modality is something that can be represented at a one-day festival in August, please contact us.  There are more ways to participate than we know, so let us know!  Email

We dwell in the possibility that there is more than meets the eye, there exists joy beyond what can be planned, and that by dwelling with community in a space that is quite typically an arterial for autos, we may bring beauty into the world we wouldn’t have imagined. We might meet new people, discover new aspects of our town, and…?

One thing rising from the possibility this year is a Healing Arts Pod.  There will be an area set up at LOLF this year for healing practitioners to share their gifts with the community.  At the time of this writing, an amazing group of local healers has come together to facilitate the Healing Arts area, and we are dwelling in the possibility of how awesome and nurturing this will be.

There will also be great food, fun activities for kids throughout the day, revelry, and the intersection will be repainted with the trillium flower designed and painted at LOLF 2012.  We can’t wait to share this day of celebration with you!

This is a volunteer supported and locally sponsored event. We are encouraging people to be in contact with us to find ways to participate.  People-power and money are required to make this happen. Please visit to get involved.

Daniel Landin is a partner at Trillium Power Productions, and produces live music and dance events at the Olympia Ballroom. He is the band leader and 12 string guitarist with local klezmer fusion band Erev Rav.
Trillium Power Productions,  a  newly-formed cooperative, hosts the Love Our Local Fest with the blessings of the Northeast Neighborhood Association.
LOLF can also be found on Facebook.

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