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Loss of rights in Thurston jail

I want to provide some validity to the possible legal arguments of claims for Roger Calhoon and also Steven Wayne Tafoya, who is also waiting trial in our Thurston County Jail for driving without a license.

I first became intrigued by Roger’s plight due to the possible denial of a Probable Cause Hearing (PCH) and the County’s violations of other civil rights under the First, Sixth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments.  He was also not allowed to attend in his criminal and his mental health hearings, which lead one to think that hIs PCH did happen, but since Roger was not permitted to be present, who knows? Such actions hinder his case  and certainly prolongs it.

Revised Code of Washington for Mental Illness are:

  • RCW 71.05.240 Petition for involuntary treatment or alternative treatment—Probable cause hearing
  • RCW 71.05.250  Probable cause hearing—Detained person’s rights

On June 8, 2016, I attended Roger’s hearing where he spoke to the judge directly and asked to represent himself.  He was denied this right and a trial hearing was scheduled.  His next court date was Monday, June 20, 2016, and again, I attended but the hearing clerk told me that Roger Calhoon was not schedule that day but on July 20. What?

One of female clerks at the County Clerk Office stated to me early that morning Roger was scheduled for a hearing. Later when I was double checking, she confirmed it again.  Bottom line people like Roger and Steven have serious violations of civil rights and our community should rally behind them and support them.

The next hearing for Roger Calhoon is Wednesday, July 13 at 8:30 am with Judge Dixon. Following that, Wednesday, July 20 at 8:30 am and possibly again on Monday, July 25 at 8:30 am. Roger’s court case number is #15-1-01317-7.

Steven Tafoya’s next court date is Monday, June 27  (the judge and time to be determine).

His court case number is #15-100599-9.

Please, come and join us to support them as we supported and rallied behind Scott Yoos.

Carole Willey has been a local social justice reformer, civil and human rights defender, mental health legislative advocate, and an environmental healthcare activist since 1991.  She is a co-founder of Health Freedom Washington in 2007 and co-founder of face book group page Thurston Environmental Collective (TEC) in 2014.   Please, visit TEC to get the latest on environmental disasters, train derailments, protests, rallies, divestment campaigns, breaking news, etc. 

Those interested may contact her at




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