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Letter to Works in Progress

Dear Works:  

I’m scribbling these words in praise of the largely underappreciated efforts of those clear-sighted campers who’ve established a motley assemblage of tarps, tents, and Tyvek on a small parcel of Public Land, near the juncture of 7th and Jefferson in downtown Olympia. 

These campers have clearly set-forth their intentions: to peacefully maintain their non-violent blockade of the railroad tracks into (and out of) the Port of Olympia, until the Port Commissioners actually agree to take our planetary climate crisis seriously, by no longer allowing ceramic proppants (a.k.a.—oil fracking sands) nor any cargo related to the extraction of fossil fuels, to enter our Port. Their goals are straightforward and progressive: to honor oft disregarded Native Treaty rights, protecting the community’s water, air, land, and wildlife, by boldly moving in the direction of positive-change, and demanding that we focus upon sustainability.  

It is projected—due to the climate crisis—that one-third of Earth’s species may disappear by the year 2020. Please think on that.

Our city’s marine terminal is a grossly-inefficient dinosaur, which is only helping to hasten this extinction. The Olympia community and its Port’s workers deserve better.

Tinny Woodward

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