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Letter to WIP

Getting it straight about the railroads

Dear WIP:

Recent articles in local publications have led readers to believe that Union Pacific Railroad is responsible for the shipping of fracking proponents out of the Port of Olympia. While this is true, there are two other railroads that are also responsible. The Olympia and Belmore Railroad (a subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming Inc.) is the operator of the rail line that runs from the port out to the mainline in East Olympia. They lease the tracks that run out of the port from the owner of them, Union Pacific Railroad. BNSF Railroad picks the cars up at the junction in East Olympia (at the Rich Road railroad crossing) and transfers them to another train yard where they get put on trains bound for North Dakota. So there are actually three railroads involved in the transport of these cars to their final destination. Each railroad deserves to be held accountable for their involvement in these shipments and have their responsibility therein publicly recognized.



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