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In a culture driven by petro dollars, the Better World Club is an intentionally well-kept secret. Like AAA, BWC provides roadside assistance to motorists every day of the year, contracting with local small businesses to service vehicles in distress. Dollar for dollar and mile for mile, BWC offers the same or better coverage for towing, jumpstarts, lockouts, as well as travel discounts and trip interruption insurance.

What BWC doesn’t support are automobile, oil, tire and cement interests—the Highway Lobby—which seek to perpetuate themselves with endless road construction and blockage of projects to improve mass transit.

AAA is on record stating that cars are not responsible for air pollution, spending millions every year to influence government policy on mass transit, car design (including safety features), suburban sprawl and global warming, opposing bicycle lanes and other low-cost, low impact forms of transportation.

By contrast, members of BWC who take steps to reduce their carbon footprint are rewarded for their efforts. Hybrid vehicle owners receive a 10% discount (new members only) and a 20% surcharge is added for owners of the ten worst gas-guzzling cars.

Better World Club offers an alternative to AAA in other ways on their website (written, they note, by employees well-caffeinated by sustainably-farmed, locally roasted coffees delivered by bicycle courier):

BWC supports state efforts to regulate automobile emissions.

BWC consistently supports the funding and development of bike lanes. National and Regional AAAs have fought against bike lanes and public transit funding.

BWC supports the use of highway tax dollars to fund mass transit.

BWC supports a broad enforcement of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

BWC Donates 1% of our yearly revenue to environmental cleanup and advocacy. AAA does not.

BWC created the first and only nationwide, 24/7 bicycle roadside assistance program. AAA has bicycle roadside assistance only in certain cities and states.

BWC maintains a carbon-neutral headquarters and fleet service program. AAA does not.

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