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Join the march of the Witches

We who will march together, on the day of June 3rd, from Heritage Park in Olympia to the Capitol steps, seek to proclaim and invoke Peace, Unity, and Solidarity with every being’s right to Freedom of Religion and Sacred Clean Water. Therefore, we have elected to gather in Harmony in Order to Listen to Each Other, Make Music, and to Break Bread.

We wish to express Gratitude for Olympia as a Sanctuary:  a Shared, Sacred, Safe Space for everyone. We invite all who Believe in the Values of this March to join us as we Celebrate Life Lived Together. There will be Native-led opening prayer and blessing at 10 a.m. then we will march at 11 to the capitol where we will have speakers from 11:30 to 2 followed with various presentations 3-7 in Heritage Park, including divination, flow arts, music by Rowan Katz and Qi gong from Benjamin Barkowski.

Bring your drum, a chair or blanket and a snack and an open heart. There is still limited space available if you’d like to speak or perform. Contact and join the Olympia Witches March Facebook group.


Blessed be mni wiconi 

We are one 

Ever mind the rule of 3

What you put out

Comes back to thee

Wish no harm

On those so bad

Pray they receive

What you already have

Wish awakening on 45

Pray for his sanity

So we all stay alive

Wish no harm on anyone

For karmas a bitch

Who likes to have fun

So look inside your bag of tricks

To defeat 45 or 666

The spell is simple look find

A heart of gold

Cup of thunder

Broken arrow

Peace of mind

360 and 9

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