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The Indignation of Standing Rock


With a massive pressure water gun,

That is how they want us

To succumb; with force

They think we will bow down or run!


A 1600s massacre was the maker;

A tradition built by bloodshed,

Yet giving Thanks then: Not Enough!

Now again! Acre upon acre upon acre


Must be given, must be shaken

To make way for

More lives to perish.

More ground must away be taken.


More and more people ought to know

That the colonists conquistadors,

Nestled greedily in government,

The descendants of immigrants long ago


Have a Divine Right

Over all Ancestral lands

To build what they please,

Without regard to the heart-ripped plight,


Without a smear of respect

For a people (American too),

Who lived and prospered long

Before the authority tower arose erect.


This is the world of our daily creations,

The core crackles like the amber

Nuggets of a sinister dying fire,

Living under the shadow of our celebration.


One company goes down; another one rises

These are pawns. Our true opposition.

An entity with resources and power is

Silently present, offering no compromises.


We must protest against the root,

That spreads iniquities,

While those perched at the top

Amass and take all of the loot,


And leave us wondering why

Can’t WE ever win!

We object, we scream,

We die, we yell, and we cry.


But we never stop to reflect

That any injustice is just a splinter

Of an already damaged system;

Which, to its people, has never been direct!


Carla Luzmila Pozo Insuasti is a writer and archeologist. Read more of her writings at the Empty Page Blog

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