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Impeach Trump to protect the Constitution and the Rule of Law

In 1787 Benjamin Franklin was leaving Independence Hall at the close of the Constitutional Convention when a woman asked him what kind of government they had created. Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

.To protect us from tyranny, the nation’s founders created a Constitution with checks and balances across the three branches. The Constitution also includes impeachment so we can protect ourselves from a tyrant who acts like he is above the law.

This month’s interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” builds a case for activating the impeachment part of the Constitution. Two guests – Bonnie Jones and Steve Rubicz — discuss what impeachment means, how it works.and the need to impeach Trump now instead hoping he’ll lose the 2020 election. Bonnie and Steve are knowledgeable activists.with Puget Sound Communities for Impeachment.

We discuss Trump’s impeachable offenses, including:

  • Kidnapping children and imprisoning people in concentration camps
  • Taking “emoluments” (using the presidency to enrich himself from foreign and domestic sources)
  • Obstructing justice
  • Violating the Constitution’s “separation of powers” and acting like a dictator over Congress
  • Violating the First Amendment in several ways, including attacking the free press
  • Provoking violence in several ways, including depriving people of constitutional rights
  • We compare Trump’s case and Nixon’s case, recognize the progress that has been made toward impeaching Trump, and call for a stronger grassroots movement to impeach him.

We have more information than we could squeeze into a one-hour interview, so I encourage people to visit my blog, where they can watch this video, read an article I wrote summarizing what we said during this interview and find even more information.

Watch on your computer or on TCTV

Everyone can watch this interview or see a summary of what we said (plus get a list of links for further information) through Glen’s blog. Cable TV subscribers can watch on Thurston Community Television (TCTV) Mondays at 1:30 pm, Wednesdays at 5:00 pm, and Thursdays at 9:00 pm. Questions?  Contact Glen Anderson, at (360) 491-9093 and

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