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Haunting at City Hall

Eleven ghostly souls braved the elements on December 4 to underscore the city’s lethargy in implementing the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan. Adopted in all jurisdictions of Thurston County last year, the plan lists over 70 action items that must be completed within the next decade to maximize adaptation and preparation for the impacts of climate change.

Citing the fact that only one item on the list has been addressed so far, members of the Thurston Climate Action Team used Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol as inspiration for their December action in front of City Hall. Dressed as “Ghosts of Holidays Future,” protestors planted cardboard cutouts and carried signs calling on council members to avoid being Scrooges by honoring their commitment to the mitigation plan.

As if to underscore their message, the weather was bleak, cold and wet. Despite voices nearly drowned out by a roaring fleet of motorcycles on State Street, co-organizers Alice Grendon and Lynn-Fitz Hugh rallied the ghost-activists, who persisted through a heavy rain, holding their signs aloft for drivers who slowed to read their messages from the future.

Learn more: Thurston Climate Action Team (360) 350.6507
IG: @thurstonclimateactionteam Twitter: @thurstonclimate

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