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Fowl play at Kentucky Fried Chicken


Our Pluckiest Protester Award was snatched late in the year by a teenage animal rights campaignerattacked by KFC eaters whilst dressed as a giant chicken.

Wanting to raise awareness about poultry welfare, Olly Tylera 16-year-old from Westwood, Wiltshirearrived outside his local KFC branch on December 22, bearing a placard and dressed in a seven foot tall chicken suit. The #600 handmade chicken suit of Parisian origin (Paris obviously being renowned for the quality and style of its poulet couture) was so striking that some diners, when confronted with finding a chicken lovable and funny-looking whilst chowing down on a two-piece and chips, responded in the only way their fast-food crazed minds could think ofviolence.

To read the rest of this article, follow the link here.

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