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Fifteen months and a dozen+ trips into the courtroom later…

Fifteen months and a dozen+ trips into the courtroom later…

Scott Yoos Support Committee and Legal Defense Fund

Regrettably, there’s precious little in the way of really new news to report about the still-pending case of “Washington State v. Yoos.”  Back in April (2012), it was thought that Scott’s main Trial would be in full-swing by August of this year, but, due to multiple, unanticipated, out-of-state scheduling conflicts, official “continuances” were sought and granted.

Most importantly, the date of our next pre-Trial Hearing has been set for Wednesday, October 3 (2012).

This hearing’s start-time is still unclear, but most-likely it will begin at 9 am; preceded by the traditional, early birds’ support-vigil, (beginning at 8:15 am, right outside of the Thurston County Courthouse.)

Please refer to the newly-created “Scott Yoos Support Page” (located at: and: “Scott Yoos Ldf” on FaceBook, for further updates regarding this here hearing (and much, much more)! This is particularly recommended for folks who (amazingly!) are still entirely unfamiliar with this whole, ugly melodrama.

In short, it’s (yet another) unfortunate story of undeserved police abuse, but, in this exceptional case, there’s been an incredible outpouring of community love and support, which has allowed Scott to contest their lies thus far.  “Not-Littering” and “Attempting to Communicate via Sign Language” are not “criminal behavior.”


Assaulting a home-bound bicycle commuter… tackling him to the ground, gleefully pressing his face into the parking lot,  and delightedly applying “pain-compliance holds” despite his mute objections, is just plain wrong.

(The Olympia Police Department should be ashamed.)

Please join Scotty’s growing legion of supporters at the next, big, pre-Trial Hearing, on October 3.

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