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Poor People’s Campaign in Olympia thru June 23

Enlist in the fight to end poverty and the evils that sustain it

Let us strive to build bridges while others call for walls. Let‘s reach out for allies and unity to old and new friends of like heart and from other groups to share this most critical journey with as we see how we can address poverty, the war economy/militarism, environmental destruction, systemic racism, access to health care, education, housing on the intense To-Do List King left. What can we create together during these 40 Days of National Action (May 13—June 23rd) and beyond? Here are National themes the Poor People’s Campaign have laid out. What can we do??

Meet each Monday at the State Capitol stairs at 2 pm. This is being done in forty State capitols and many other cities and towns across the country. Join in.  (In Oly you can attend a pre- gathering every Monday 11 am – 1 pm at 1st Christian Church on Franklin St – for signs and further details)

The themes for each week are:

Week 1 – May 14: Somebody is Hurting Our People and It’s Gone on Far Too Long—Women, Youth, the Disabled, and Children in Poverty and the Right to Education.

Week 2—May 21: Connecting Systemic Racism and Economic Justice—Voting Rights and Just Immigration.

Week 3 – May 28: Veterans, Our War Economy, and Militarism.

Week 4 – June 4: The right to health – Ecology, Justice and Health – Water, Extreme Extraction, Climate Change, Health Care.

Week 5 – June 11: Everybody’s Got a Right to Live – Living Wages, Guaranteed Income, Housing and Social Services.

Week 6 – June 18: A New and Unsettling Force challenging Our Nation’s Distorted Moral Narrative – a Fusion Movement Rising Up.

Each of these weekly themes is interlocking, and the goal of these six weeks will be to show how all of these issues are interrelated and therefore require an intersectional, moral fusion response.

On Saturday June 23rd, there will be a national convening in Washington DC.

Please spread the good word throughout your organizations, institutions, houses of worship, and anywhere and everywhere else.  Sign up through the website


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