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Community Sustaining Fund of Thurston County announces recipients

This grant cycles’ grantees and their funded projects:

Stonewall Youth:  Sponsorships for four youths to participate in two anti-oppression/social justice workshops ($600)

The South Sound Estuarium:  Purchase of a cooler system for an aquarium. ($600)

Fertile Ground: Acquisition of a street sign, community bulletin board, and seasonal garden interpretive signs. ($475)

Lacey Loves to Read: Honorarium for guest speaker, Kwami Alexander, Newberry Award poet. ($500)

Nisqually Land Trust: Funding for workshops to train advocates. ($100)

Art Forces/Rafah Mural Project:  Funds for the ongoing Olympia-Rafah Mural project. ($425)


The Sustaining Fund also plans to sponsor internships this coming year and will attend the TESC intern fair January 27.


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